Tajik cuisine: Feast for your taste buds

Tajikistan’s best kept secrets are the variety of delicious local dishes that will keep you coming back for more. Osh is the most popular Tajik dish cooked with rice, pieces of meat, shredded carrots and other vegetables. Different types of breads and tea are served with every meal.

Soups are also popular in Tajikistan, including shurbo that usually contains meat, chickpeas, potatoes and other vegetables. And lagman containing noodles in broth with a variety of vegetables, meats and spices.

You can share Krutob with others in a large communal bowl, with the dish made up of thin flaky flatbreads layered with yoghurt, onions and coriander. Steamed meat dumplings, known as mantu, are also a beloved snack among the locals. And the triangular pastries, sombusas, which are stuffed with meat, pumpkin or onions are always a favorite among everyone!   

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