Outdoor bazaars: Feel the buzz!

The outdoor bazaars throughout Tajikistan are where you feel the hustle and bustle of life. You will be buzzing with energy as you find fresh produce, stacks of breads in all shapes and sizes, and colourful spices piled up in pyramid shapes. There are bazaars in every city and town. The most popular of these is Green Bazaar (also known as Shah Mansur or Zilloni Bazaar) in Dushanbe. And for the more adventurous shoppers, you will be thrilled to find great bargains at the Korvon Bazaar in Dushanbe.   Here you will find inexpensive electronic goods, household items, cosmetics, jewellery, clothing and shoes, and everything else you can think of.      

For an unforgettable experience, visit the Afghan-Tajik cross-border cooperation markets on Saturdays where traders cross over from both sides to enter into designated areas in Tajikistan to sell their goods and services. At present, there are four cross-border cooperation markets located in the Pamirs in Khorog, Darbaaz, Ishkashim and Vanj.

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